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pousadas in portogallo


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In other words, she hopes his legs fall off. But wait! Bushnell may not have known about the affair at the time of the initial divorce filing. The plot thickens. “The divorce was proceeding amicably, then Candace found out about Georgina and became very upset,” sources told the Post. “She believes their affair could have gone on for some time. Humiliated, it was her idea to take the unusual step of naming Georgina as a co-respondent in the divorce papers.”. Askegard left the New York City Ballet in October to form his own company. He and Pazcoguin performed together at the 2011 Alzheimer’s Association Rita Hayworth Gala later that month.

So will soprano Maria Kanyova’s performance as Pat Nixon, Her voice and characterization are fresh-blooming; she makes one best girls ballet shoes sale believe in the heartland goodness of the first lady, as portrayed by librettist Alice Goodman, But it is the score by Adams — who lives in Berkeley and has waited a long time for this production of his most celebrated opera — that towers over all of it, For 2 1/2 hours, the score is multigeared, multicolored, transforming like a kaleidoscopic engine, It spins through Philip Glass-inspired minimalism and touches on big band swing, Glenn Miller serenades, grinding rhythm and blues and Beethovenian weather, Like a jazz musician, Adams is always quoting and alluding: You hear traces of Hoagy Carmichael, of Duke Ellington..

Details: 8 p.m.; $49.50-$69.50; www.axs.com. 2: SoVoSo: The exceedingly accomplished Bay Area a cappella vocal group stands out not just for its rich, mesmerizing harmonies but also the breadth of its catalog, touching on soul, gospel, folk and other genres with equal conviction. The group, just off its performances with Tandy Beal’s “Nutz RE-Mixed” “Nutcracker”-inspired show, brings its annual Holiday Seasonings show back to Berkeley’s Freight & Salvage Dec. 22. Details: 8 p.m.; $18-$20; 510-644-2020, thefreight.org.

Bennett’s art is included in a number of major museums, among them the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, An artist’s talk with Bennett and show curator Phil Linhares will be given at 4 p.m, June 30, In the West Gallery, the Art Guild of Pacifica presents “Anything Goes,” a show that is neither themed nor juried, In the East Gallery, Jean Moore and best girls ballet shoes sale family present selections from Jean and Norman Moore’s collection of Latin American art gathered in the 1960s and 1970s..

“I walked out onstage and I was terrified,” he said. “I had never seen so many people in my life.”. These days, however, Rodgers seems so comfortable onstage. He even talked to the crowd about being diagnosed with “extremely aggressive cancer” some five years ago. “The doctor told me to go home and get my affairs in order,” he recalled. “Five years later, I am extremely aggressive cancer free.”. The evening peaked with the tribute to the late, great David Bowie, as Chic ignited the crowd with its charged cover of “Let’s Dance,” the title track to the smash album Rodgers produced with Bowie in 1983. It was even more enjoyable than the Grammy Awards’ Bowie tribute, which starred Lady Gaga and featured Rodgers as the music director.

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